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Our goal is to keep your baby with you and in your arms as much as humanly possible. The importance of not interfering with maternal, paternal and infant bonding is of the highest priority. At The Birth Nest, we encourage a minimum of 1 hour of skin-to-skin and nursing immediately after birth and frequently this will extend beyond the first hour. After the baby is born, the baby is then placed on your chest and the initial assessments of both mother and baby can be done quietly and easily without disturbing this formative time. In the event that your baby needs higher level immediate care, we can typically do that next to you so that you are able to see your child throughout the process.

The postpartum period is for enjoying your new babe as well as healing and relaxing. Every effort is made to help you feel relaxed and safe. We will make sure that you are fed, get a warm shower and are tucked back into bed with your baby. You are provided with postpartum sanitary supplies to use, and friends and family of your choosing are welcome to visit you.

Initial Newborn Care:
- Monitor the baby’s vital signs
- Assess and assign APGAR score
- Complete newborn exam
- Weight and measurements
- Assistance with breastfeeding
- Consult with pediatrician if needed
- Administration of Vitamin K if desired
- Administration of Erythromycin Ophthalmic ointment if desired
During the newborn exam, weighing and measuring are all done on the bed next to you. This takes place after the baby has finished his/her first nursing session and you are ready for this exam to be performed.

Initial Maternal Care:
- Monitoring maternal vital signs
- Monitoring uterine tone
- Monitoring uterine bleeding
- Ensuring adequate hydration and nutrition
- Assisting with hygiene
- Assessment of vaginal laceration
- Repair of vaginal laceration with local anesthetic

Continuing Postpartum Care:
In the days following, we will be checking on both you and your baby with home visits. We will answer all of your questions and make sure that you both are healthy and transitioning well.

Postpartum and newborn visits consist of:
- Monitoring both mother and baby’s vital signs
- Assessing the weight of the baby
- Assisting with and assessing breastfeeding
- Newborn CCHD (spO2) screening, if desired
- Newborn Hearing screening, if desired
- Newborn metabolic screening, if desired
- Continuing assessment to ensure a normal postpartum recovery
- Consultation with a pediatrician or physician if needed

Postpartum visits are conducted as follows:
- Home visits at 1-day and 3-days postpartum
- Office visits at 10-days and 6-weeks postpartum
- If more visits are desired or needed, they can be provided