If you’ve had an opportunity to be a client of New Phase at the Birth Nest, we would value your feedback. You can write a short 2 -3 sentences about your experience and we will consider sharing your testimonial on the website. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to share!

JAN - 2023
-Shannon Reiff Waldron -

I absolutely loved my experience with Pamela and Zabrina with my 3rd son! I wish I had known and found them sooner to have done a home water birth with my first 2 boys. My 3rd boy was by far the biggest baby I birthed, and the easiest delivery of them all! And that's all due to the amazing support, encouragement and care of these wonderful ladies! Couldn't have been happier with my experience!

JAN - 2023
-Amy Villemez Vander Linden-

I love that Pam has created a space where so many needs can be met! Not only are the rooms comfortable and beautiful and feel like home, but she's very committed to education and allowing a variety of people to host classes there! As a fellow mom and business owner, it's such a blessing to have women gather together and bless each other by sharing knowledge and experience!

JAN - 2023
-Marcie Dales-

I had such a bad experience going to see a traditional dr. It was my first pregnancy and I was already nervous. I felt very rushed and not very well informed. When I found Pam and the other midwives here at the birth nest I could not have been more happy and relieved to have found such and amazing team of ladies. They made me feel so comfortable, they informed me with as much as possible, they were caring and compassionate. During my labor and delivery they were all so supportive and relaxing. I had the best experience here and if I ever get pregnant again I will be having my second baby with them. As far as the facility, it is so peaceful, clean, and beautiful. Was completely comfortable the whole time during and after my pregnancy.

JAN - 2023
-Kendra Lynn Bloom -

I successfully gave birth in my home, with the help of the Birth Nest ladies (and my husband), without any drugs or complications! Thank you Pam Qualls for being the best midwife, for praying for me and cheering me on, and taking your time getting to know me and my husband for sometimes over an hour each prenatal visit. Thank you Zabrina, Savannah and Pam White for assisting in my birth also! It was a beautiful experience and I never felt rushed, pressured or mistreated! On the contrary I felt supported, empowered, and uplifted by all these woman (and my husband) and I'm so grateful for your services here in AZ and making my very intimate birth experience a beautiful memory, which jump started a special bonding experience with me and my little bambino! I plan to have my next birth with the Birth Nest!